Mason Shishaware

Available for Australia in limited quantity.
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Each one of ourMason bowls is made in a private studio here in Chicago,IL. Mason team is comprised of Hookah Enthusiasts, a Clay Artisan and an Industrial Designer. Their mission is to create and introduce quality products into the Hookah community. We work together and strive to raise the bar of each hookah session! 


What is Shishaware?

Shishaware is Mason proprietary clay body created specifically to optimize your hookah sessions. Shishaware is formulated from a thermal shock resistant stoneware clay. Stoneware is one of the best conductors of heat, slowly baking the shisha and retaining an even temp throughout the bowl ensures a long and flavourful session. Their thermal resistant additives help to defend your bowl against the extreme temperatures and stress of heating and cooling during and after your sessions. You are guaranteed to have a durable bowl that will last for countless sessions to come.

The process in which are bowls are made ensures the physical specifications of each bowl are the same as our designers had intended them. Consistent, Durable, Thermal Resistant, Heat Retention: Shishaware. 

- Sincerey

The Mason Team