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As you know, Hookahjohn is always trying to improve hookah smoking by bringing new quality products to the market. The Flying Saucer Hookah Bowl has landed. I actually made the prototypes months back and decided not to release them. For one, they don't provide a better smoke than an Alien phunnel bowl. Second, they cost me more money to make because of the labor involved. I had a talk about this with Kris, a representative of Tangiers tobacco and he convinced me to sell them. I explained that I didn't want my customers to pay more for something that doesn't perform any better. He said, why not sell it for less than an Alien and make it limited. That was what I needed to pull the trigger on these. This way, you, the customer don't have buyer's remorse after you use this product for a while.

They are made from the same material as an Alien, the Harmony, and the 80feet bowl, and is 100% made in the USA with American materials. They conduct heat well.

You pack the bowl as high as the outer rim and leave breathing room for the holes. Then apply foil and poke holes.

These bowls hold anywhere from 20-25 grams of shisha depending on the brand and how you pack. With every hookah product there is a small learning curve and you will figure out how to bring it to its full potential.