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Shisha Packing Methods

We are always asked why does my shisha not smoke well? Why does it burn so fast? Why does it not taste like a shisha I order at a cafe.
We have decided to tell you about the 3 methods of Shisha head packing that will change the way your experience for the better! Check out these shisha packing methods.

There are three methods for packing Shisha heads, and even though the differences are slight, they result in a massive difference in the quality and volume of smoke as well as duration of your shisha sessions.

The following methods are also shisha / Flavour brand dependent – As each brand of flavour has its own heat and air requirements due to its manufacturing processes.

Method 1 – The Fluff Pack (Starbuzz, Fumari, Social Smoke , Nirvana)

Fluff Pack - Urban Shisha Packing MethodThe Fluff Pack Method aka the Semi-Dense pack is the most common method used among most shisha smokers. The fluff packing method begins with removing all stems from the flavour (The stem is the most nicotine enriched part and the first part to create the “burnt” sensation), after the stems are removed you then break up the flavour into smaller pieces or using a knife to chop the flavour smaller parts about 5-10mm in size. Once the flavour is prepared you simply sprinkle the flavour into the bowl lightly, without compressing the flavour, till you reach about 2mm from the top of the preferred bowl you are using. This allows a 2mm gap between the flavour and the foil and will save your flavour sticking and burning to the foil once the charcoal is applied. Apply foil and coal and puff puff pass!

Method 2 – The Dense Pack ( Al Fakher & Tangiers)

Dense Pack - Urban Shisha Packing MethodThis method follows the same as the Fluff pack but half way through filling your bowl you will lightly compress the flavour with your fingers (with the smallest amount of pressure) and then continue filling til you are slightly above the rim, and then re-compress the newly added flavour once again, with the slightest amount of force. You must not compress the flavour too much as you will restrict airflow and the quality and density of the smoke produced will be affected. Use a toothpick or fork to create small pockets of airflow in the head, 4-5 pockets should do it. Apply foil and coal and puff puff pass!


Method 3 – The Over Pack (Haze & Tangiers)

Over Pack - Urban Shisha Packing MethodThe overpack is reserved for flavours that love a lot of heat, repeating the dense pack this method requires you to “over-pack” past the rim of the bowl by 2-3mm, this will create a situation were the flavour touches the foil. Use a toothpick or fork to create small pockets of airflow in the head, 4-5 pockets should do it. Apply foil and coal and puff puff pass!











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